Blue Spring. Photo: Miguel Acosta/Flickr © All Rights Reserved

Where to Start?

Come with us on a field trip if you want to know more about this thing called birding! Birders are happy, helpful people who love to share identification tips, and show you birds. We'll let you take a look through our binos, and demonstrate birding apps. Ask a bunch of questions. You'll have a good idea where to head next.

Or start Here: All About Birding


Optics and Gear

Narrow your quest with some research, then get expert help by visiting stores that carry a wide selection of binoculars, scopes, and cameras.


More Gear

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Missouri Resources

Organizations Supporting Birders, Bird Conservation & Education

Greer Spring. Photo: Allen Showalter/Images of Missouri Springs

How Do I Attract Birds to My Yard?

A few basics matter, after that only your imagination is the limit!