Warbling Vireo. Photo: Andy Reago & Chrissy McClarren/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Who We Are

Conservation, Education, and Leadership - the basis of our Green Leadership Academy (GLADE) program. Photo: Kelsey Rumley.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote bird conservation in southwest Missouri through bird watching, education, habitat preservation and restoration, and public awareness, for the benefit of humanity and wildlife.


The Greater Ozarks Audubon Society (GOAS), established in 1962 as the Audubon Club of Springfield became a chapter of the National Audubon Society in 1980. We believe birds are catalysts for connecting southwest Missouri and our 500+ members with nature.

Values Statement

We value that the Greater Ozarks Audubon Society is a respected and responsible voice for conservation in southwest Missouri, and as such, we embrace the following values to more effectively assist us with our mission and goals of serving birds, other wildlife, and the public.

Action - A hallmark of our conservation work is decisive, innovative and effective place-based action characterized by thoughtful and thorough planning for the sustainability of our planet and all its inhabitants.

Collaboration - We forge strong and lasting partnerships to achieve our goals, because we recognize collaborative relationships and teamwork are critical to our success.

Commitment - We are driven to achieve our mission by a shared love and respect for birds, other wildlife and nature itself, by the knowledge that healthy, sustainable ecosystems are essential to health and quality of life of all peoples, and by our faith in the power of action guided by sound science.

Diversity - We strive to mirror the diversity of nature and of our modern world. Just as diversity strengthens natural systems, the diversity of human experiences, traditions and viewpoints can strengthen our conservation efforts for the benefit of nature and of all peoples.

Integrity - We strive to create and are committed to a culture of openness and trust. We hold ourselves accountable to achieve tangible and measurable results, reflecting the highest ethical and financial standards.

Optimism - We are solution oriented. We reframe problems as challenges, and have the commitment and the knowledge to address them effectively--and we are confident that we will.

Education - We strive to meet the educational needs of all people by providing enriching experiences that offer opportunities for mastery learning, social inclusion, personal fulfillment, and the development of a responsible conservation ethic.

Respect - We value the roles and opinions of our members, partners, volunteers, donors, and those with whom we disagree; we demonstrate this respect through effective dialogue, transparency, and collaboration.

Swifts and Sundaes field trip finale.

Meetings and Membership

We meet the third Thursday at 6:30 PM, September-November and January-May, at the Springfield Conservation Nature Center. Join us for refreshments prior to the program, which starts at 7:00 pm. Program topics focus on bird and wildlife conservation, updates on agencies' habitat restoration, and travelogues. You don't need to be a member to attend our meetings, field trips, or to volunteer! When you join the National Audubon Society, you instantly become a member of GOAS, and receive all the benefits of membership in both organizations. Already a member of NAS and need to Renew your membership?



Date is term initiation. Officers may serve a maximum of (3) one year terms. Board members may serve a maximum of (4) one year terms.

Phone prefix is 417 unless noted.


President –Janice Greene (09/17) 862-4381

Vice-President – Greg Swick (09/18) 209-0652 

Secretary – Becky Swearingen (09/18) 417-766-1708

Treasurer – Wendy Vit (09/17) 849-8550

Immed. Past President – Ann Liles (09/17) 522-4844

Board Members

Klee Bruce (09/18) 368-7781

Charley Burwick (09/18) 860-9505

Kendell Loyd (09/17) 573-776-0901

Jeannie McLaughlin (09/17) 459-8543

Greg Samuel (09/16) 839-5627

Myra Scroggs (09/17) 425-6502

Jim Fossard (09/18) 848‐2205

Brooke Widmar (09/17) 459-6526 

Committee Chairs

Publications – Lisa Berger 860-9108

GOAS Newsletter & Website, Print publications – Lisa Berger 860-9108, Brooke Widmar 459-6526

Checklists, Guides, Print name tags– Greg Samuel 839-5627

GLADE Newsletter & Website – Brooke Widmar 459-6526

Mailed Newsletters, welcome letters, manage nametags, attendees lists– Mary Sturdevant 830-9298

Conservation – James Fossard  848-2205

Policy – James Fossard 848-2205

Bluebird Trails

Fellows Lake – Jan Carter 833-2211

Lake SGF – Sue Schuble 619-3060, Lisa Berger 860-9108

Close Park – Betty Johnson 343-8725, Dorothy Thurman 631-6778

South Creek Project – Myra Scroggs 425-6502 

Important Bird Areas – Lisa Berger 860-9108

Adopt-A-Street – Betty Johnson 343-8725

Audubon Bubbler & Trail at Close Park – Sue Schuble 619-3060

Field Trip – Greg Samuel 839-5627

Christmas Bird Counts

Taney County CBC – Charley Burwick 860-9108

Springfield CBC – Greg Samuel 839-5627

Bird Recorder – Greg Samuel 839-5627

Membership – Mary Sturdevant 830-9288

Hospitality – Jeannie McLaughlin 459-8543

Historian – Betty Johnson 343-8725


Traditional Media – Greg Swick 209-0652

Social Media – Jill Hays 840-2485

GOAS Facebook – Greg Swick 209-0652, Lisa Berger 860-9108, Dave Catlin 861-8875, Jill Hays 840-2485

GLADE Facebook – Brooke Widmar 459-6526

GLADE Twitter – Brooke Widmar 459-6526

Nominating – Appointed Annually

Finance – Wendy Vit 849-8550, and officers

Bird Seed Sale – Dan Liles 234-6205

Birdathon – David Catlin 861-8875

Development – 

Program – Ruth Grant - 860-4703

Education – Sue Schuble - 619-3060

GLADE – Directors Brooke Widmar 459-6526, Kendell Loyd 573-776-0901

Audubon Adventures – Myra Scroggs 425-6502

Outreach – Sue Schuble 619-3060

GOAS is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Federal Tax ID: 43-1730027 - Missouri Tax ID: 160077423 - Address: P.O. Box 3231, Springfield, MO 65808-3231. For questions about organizational governence, contact us at the link below.